Industrial Automation

Product Line

Electrical power transmission and distribution management.

Facility Management System, FMS

Guest room management system, RMS.

Water distribution network.

Wireless communication.

Telemetry system for water & waste water application.

Hazardous area applications.

Wellhead monitoring system

Tank Gauging

Emergency Shutdown System, ESD.

Fire and Gas detection system, F&G.

Distributed Control System, DCS.

Safety Instrumented System, SIS.

Fail-safe burner management system for combustion control, BMS.

Vibration & displacement monitoring system according to API 670

Gas Metering Station according to ISO 5167

Control System according to API-PR-554

Area Of Expertise

Advanced Programmable System (PLC, DCS)

Distributed Control System (DCS) can take you beyond the limits of your current process automation system by helping you to integrate your process infrastructure directly into the DCS;


Safety & Emergency Shutdown System ESD / Fire & Gas detection System

The process industry frequently features complex technological sequences with high safety demands; faults and failures in the process automation could have fatal consequences for personnel…


Boiler & Burner Management System

At the forefront of industrial combustion technology, we devote substantial time and resources to intensive and continuous product optimization. The burner management system …


Process Instrumentation

Good control requires measurements that are accurate, reliable, responsive and maintainable. These factors are influenced by the choice of principle used for the measurement,


Process Analytical

The main challenge of process analysis is to sample and condition measured medium with maintaining the process variable to be measured, and sustaining safety for the instrument.


Industrial Communication

Consistency across all three of the automation levels (plant control, process control, and field control) regarding information processing and communication is a prerequisite for


Building Management System

Buildings have a custom-designed heating, ventilating, and air conditioning system (HVAC) to which automated controls are applied. Access control, intrusion, CCTV, fire alarm, lighting control


Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) System

We provide highly flexible, scalable SCADA solutions. Nowadays, collection and documentation of process data have become a legal requirement, in addition to being a process control tool.