electrical Power Distribution And Generation

Area of Expertise

Boiler/Burner Management System.

Mobile Substations

Medium voltage Synchronizing Panels

Medium voltage Capacitor bank

Protection Relays.

Medium and High voltage Lightning Arrestor

Medium and High voltage Gas insulated switchgears

Medium and High voltage Circuit breakers and Disconnecting Switch

Instrument Transformers

Distribution Transformers

Power and Earthing & Auxiliary Transformers

products line

transmission substations

We as SEI work on engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) for transmission substations on turnkey bases according to Public Establishment for Distribution and Exploitation of…


Distributions Centers

In order to provide electrical supply for several kinds of consumers such as residential, agricultural, tourism, medium and light industries, we offer different kinds of (20/0.4) kV Distribution Centers:


System Retrofitting

Most of the old substations and industries applications use old conventional type of Metal Clad Switchgears, Protection Relays and Circuit breakers.Maintenance of these devices is time consuming…


Distribution Control System

In order to reduce the number of operators and facilitate the controlling, monitoring and protection for high and medium voltage substation equipment, SEI presents the Distribution Control System


Power Generation

Steam generation forms an essential part of electrical power generation, in either thermal plants or combined cycle plants. We have and extensive expertise in this field covering the following disciplines: