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Unified Communications

Based on Alcatel-Lucent (Architecture for Voice, Video and Integrated Data), today’s networks are built to handle voice, video and data communication traffic on the same robust networking infrastructure.

SEI offers that solution based on Alcatel-lucent Omni Touch Instant Communications Suite which includes:

Unified Messaging services put all e-mail, voice and fax messages in one inbox using the messaging client (Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes) that is already in place. Messages are also accessible from a web interface or a telephone set.

‘One Number’ services make it possible to customize the routing of incoming calls. These routing functions can filter calls according to the caller, time received, and geographical origin.

Fax services help leverage IP telephony investments. IP technology has been implemented by organizations of all sizes and sectors, offering cost savings, increased mobility and optimized operational efficiency.

Conferencing & Collaboration services provide a range of functionalities, from simple dial-in audio conferencing to multimedia, multiparty collaboration with instant messaging, application sharing, presentation sharing, and video conferencing.

Mobility services extend unified communications and collaboration to users’ mobile devices. These services allow mobile and remote users to stay connected wherever they are.