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Triple Play Solutions For Large Real Estate Services

Modern day real-estate development is being driven by market trends – a growing population demanding more personalized services, building owners looking to unlock new revenues and government agencies further regulating efficient utility usage. SEI blends technology – infrastructure, data, voice and video – with building management systems to create a building that is simultaneously safer and more productive for its occupants and more operationally efficient for its owners.

As Telco turns to triple-play services (video, voice and high-speed internet access), it turns to reduce churn and increase revenue; it needs to find a way of delivering TV, Video, and Voice & Data to the end-user as cost-effectively as possible. Each of the major point-to multipoint.

PON variants – BPON, GPON and EPON – offer two different methods of offering TV/video service: RF (radio frequency) overlay and IPTV. However, point-to-multipoint PON operators could use both methods simultaneously for TV and video service delivery if they were seeking.

SEI provides Turnkey Triple Play and Security Solutions to residential and commercial customers with services required to enable them to enjoy the full experience of Secure, Digital living offered at competitive prices, utilizing fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) and other leading-edge technologies and services.

SEI services currently include Turnkey Security Solutions, Digital Telephony, Multi-Channel Digital TV and High-Speed Broadband with a range of Value Add Services provided through our Content Portal. Some of these services include Video-on-Demand, Visitor Announcement, Cell Panic, Home Alarm Monitoring, Document Management, Automated Backups, Video Conferencing, Digital Home Security and On-line Gaming.