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Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) System

We provide highly flexible, scalable SCADA solutions. Nowadays, collection and documentation of process data have become a legal requirement, in addition to being a process control tool.

As many, quality and process standards require collection and maintenance of such data.

We also enable you to improve your production process and quality levels, increase manufacturing capacity, reduce downtime and waste, track resources and achieve compliance with the strict regulations associated to ensure continuous monitoring and control of plant operations.

SCADA Solution Features:

Protocol management for main PLC brands.
2D & 3D graphic library and ISO objects for industrial environments.
Batch management and user-friendly control interface.
Management of SPC (Statistical Process Control) charts.
TPM (Total Productive Maintenance).
ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).
Archiving and reporting.
Enterprise Asset Management interface.
Multi-level password protection.