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Market Study And Diagnoses

Market Study and diagnoses Is an effective application that automates all processes of doctors, sales representatives and supervisors’ registration. It also offers samples and gifts that the company presents, besides the automation process of representatives’ visits. Furhtermore, it is supported by a report generating system that facilitates decision making. The aforementioned system under predetermined privileges customized for each user based on his/her role.

The System Provides

Ability to classify doctors and pharmacists into different categories
The Ability to define types of patients visits to doctors ( For example . frequent visit, Training visit, Daily visit – est.)
The ability to define specialty and its branches for each doctor with the ability to allocate the required number of visits by the Representatives for each branch of specialty
The ability to define Doctors’ information
The ability to define samples
The ability to define the gifts that the handed to doctor or pharmacist during visit
The ability to define Sales Representatives Database
The ability to define Sales Representatives information including allocating coverage regions for each Sales Representative
The ability to manage users & permissions.
The ability to import Sales Representatives’ visits information to the software database using predefined excel sheet.
The Ability to generate reports on visits to doctors, doctors’ information,Sales Representatives’ visits to doctors, visits to doctors during specific period of time with allocated number of visits according to each specialty for doctors.