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Industrial Communication

In today’s automation world, the requirements for automation system are distributed and complex.

Consistency across all three of the automation levels (plant control, process control, and field control) regarding information processing and communication is a prerequisite for successful realization of the plant.

For the communication among the individual components, we offer a number of standardized openly defined bus systems tailored to the respective application area.

Selection of bus systems and their application for certain tasks are evaluated by basic properties:

Size of transferred data amount per job.
Real-time capability or determinacy of the data transmission.
EMC load ability of the bus system.
As well as design regarding maintenance and expandability.
Industrial Ethernet (IEEE 802.3 and 802.11 WLAN)

Is the standard in the LAN sector and is the technological base of the internet.


It means industrial Ethernet for process-oriented operation

PROFIBUS (IEC 61158 / EN 59170

As specified in the IEC standard is the worldwide most distributed field bus.