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Hospital Management Information System (HMIS)

Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) as a complete Health Care Solution, loaded with a lot of features and capabilities aims to assist Hopsitals in managing day-to-day operations with efficiency, effectiveness and simplicity. It covers the following operations:
Internal & External Patients Registration Management System.
Clinical Visits System
Clinical Visits System
Medical Documentation Management System
Emergencies System
Radiographs Information System
Medical Treatment Requests System
Central Pharmacy System
Doctors Tasks System
Nursing Services System
Histopathology System
General Statistical System
Surgeries & Catheter Scheduling System
Diets Management System
Library System
Warehouse Management System
External Patients Financial System
Purchasing System
Maintenance Engineering System
License of Using Hospital System
Stem Cells Management System
Archiving System
Staff Residency Systeme
Laundry System
Sterilization System
Blood Bank System
Hospital Physical Locking & Keys System
Revenues Financial System
Integration with Laboratory
Surgeries Management System
External Clinics Management System
Physio Therapy Treatment System
Quality System
Payroll System
Legal Affairs & Archiving System
Parking System
Budgeting Management Syetm
Personnel Management System
Contracting Management System
Fingerprint Management System