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Building Management System

Buildings have a custom-designed heating, ventilating, and air conditioning system (HVAC) to which automated controls are applied. Access control, intrusion, CCTV, fire alarm, lighting control, and other building systems are also automated as a part of the building automation system. These systems are viewed by building management on-site and off-site with standard computer technology.

Direct Digital Control DDC is commonly used for BMS.

SEI provides the solution based on standard communication protocols and has three levels:

Management level.
Automation level.
Field level.
In addition the solution establishes these benefits:

Saving energy through controlled HVAC application, light application…etc.
Full management of all mechanical and electrical systems through SCADA system (local / remote).
Scheduled operation and life style control for comfort and convenience.
Facility and asset management to assure equipment life spare and preventive maintenance.
Security and monitoring.
Alarm function and integration (fire, intrusion, Gas release).